Business Owner – Carmelita Jara

I am passionate about gardening. I enjoy listening to my customers’ gardening needs and helping them achieve what they want. I have a friendly and trustworthy personality.


I started my business due to my love of nature and from the admiration of gardens I have seen, for instance Claude Monet and the Versailles’ gardens in France.

I am a trained horticulturalist in parks and gardens, Ryde TAFE. I have always been an active gardener in my own garden and enjoy being surrounded by nature.

My caring skills come from the 12 years of experience in Aged Care. I would assess the elderly in hospital and ensure their environments were modified for their needs and would subsequently make home visits. Over the years I have developed great rapport with my patients. I have a Bachelor of Applied Science in Occupational Therapy, Sydney University.Gardening4u - Carmelita at Monet Garden 2