In summer we often think about drought resistant plants. Even more so this year! The weather forecast is for a very dry summer wth no rain expected soon. There’s still time to salvage your garden, or maybe give it a little makeover with following tips. 

  • Mulching any bare soil is essential. We have been encouraging customers to use mulch in all garden areas to suppress weeds and maintain humidity levels especially around the root zone of plants.
  • Watering is best early in the morning or in the evening 
  • Use wetting agents to make the soil less hydrophobic and staying wet longer
  • Remove weeds from garden beds as these are using water and nutrients that shrubs, trees and vegetables require instead
  • We have been educating customers in the use of drip irrigation which aims to get the root zone wet in a more efficient way instead of watering with a hose and losing water from evaporation.  Watering with a hose can also cause fungi on leaves
  • On very hot days group pot plants together and water all of them at once.
  • Plant plants with similar needs together i.e.: succulents and drought tolerant plants require less water and would look beautiful with a nice design that will take into consideration their needs once fully grown.
  • Create your own terrarium, this is a great idea to have indoor plants that look nice and require less water.  They are also good as a Christmas present

The images of plants on this page are all from my garden and they have performed well despite the water restrictions and high temperatures. If you’re thinking about doing any of the above and don’t have the time, I’d be happy to consult with you about our services at Gardening4u.